How to create branch under SourceSafe in 5 steps?

сряда, 26 март 2008 г.

Hi guys!

A lot of people (including me of courseJ) had a lot of troubles when they had to create their first branch under SourceSafe. Why? In my opinion this program (talking about version 8.* of SourceSafe) has a lot of problems connected with the friendliness of the UI. Actually I think that it isn't user friendly at all. So here are my bits about solving one of the problems – branching. In the following lines I will provide an algorithm in 5 steps about how to do this activity. I do not know whether there is shorter way to do this but for me this is short enough and the most important thing – it works.

The algorithm is the following. I assume that you are in the database, where is the project you want to branch. Note, that the backward blue diagonals on white background cover some data, which is important only for me.

Step 1: Select the root of your DB, right click on it and select Create Project.

Step 2: Give your new project a name – this will be the name of your new branch. Click OK.

Step 3: Go to the folder you just created – right click on it. Select Share to $/ Your_Branch.

Step 4: Select the project which you want to branch. Check Branch after share (in the bottom) and click Share.

Step 5: You can select new name of the project, which will be branched in your new folder (the one which you created on Step 1). Check Recursive. You can add your Comment in the provided box and then click OK.

After these 5 steps you are ready to wait for your new branch. The speed of actual creating the branch depends on your project size, database, etc.

Hope this helps!

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