The Book “Introduction to Programming with Java” - Ready for Publishing!

сряда, 31 декември 2008 г.

The book
I am very happy that my last post for this year is this one. I want to share with you the news that the book “Introduction to Programming with Java”, in which I have taken part as an author, is about to be published.

As you probably remember from my previous post, it covers a lot of different topics on the fundamentals of computer programming. The book does not focus on the Java language – it just uses the Java language as a tool for writing the samples. That’s why we believe it will become one of the prime sources of knowledge for beginners in computer science short after it is on the market. There I have written a chapter about one of the most widely used advanced data structures – trees and graphs.
Hopefully one will be able to buy a paper copy of the book in the first months of the New Year. Probably I haven't mentioned, but the book is free - you just buy the paper. It is 920-930 pages! For more information, you can look here. You can download a free copy of the book from here.

Instead of conclusion
This year was very interesting and dynamic. A lot of things were changed. I hope the next year will be very productive and good for all of us!

I wish you all the best, dear readers! I wish you having your dreams came true, but.. not all of them. Lets have some for the years coming, too!

Best regards,
Vesko Kolev

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