Java2Days - a brand new event in Eastern Europe!

понеделник, 31 август 2009 г.

Hi guys!

I am very much exited to share with you the news of a coming Java event which we are preparing these days at NASD along with our partners from Insight_technologies – Java2Days!

Java2Days conference is a brand new event in Eastern Europe to present the latest trends in Java development.

Java2Days will be held at the Inter Expo Center on 8-9 October in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference is hosted by Insight_technologies and the Bulgarian National Academy for Software Development.

The conference is the first of its kind to be held in Eastern Europe, focused to highlight today’s cutting edge trends in building software applications with Java development tools.

Over two days, more than 600 attendees will meet world famous lecturers, engaged all year round in such events as JavaOne, The ServerSide Java Symposium, Jazoon showcasing their latest knowledge in creating more reliable, scalable and secure solutions using Java technologies in more than 20 technical sessions.

The major purpose of the event is to become a place for passionate Java developers to get in touch with the latest technologies, to become a significant part of the global Java community and to learn from the best.

You can see everything about the conference at its official site.

P. S.
If you are going to attend at the Java2Days event, don’t hesitate to contact me – we can have a beer or two talking about everything which bothers you in your work as developers!

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