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сряда, 16 юли 2008 г.

Hi guys!

I haven't blog for a while, but I can assure you that a lot things for blogging come to my mind for this period. I just haven't enough time last days as I had a lot of work for the university and for my new company.

As you can see I am starting with a change - my new blog design (here I should add one big thanks to Peter Velichkov for his help tuning the theme :-)).

What you can expect recently? I can divide the posts from the near future in the following directions:
- Advanced Basics - the things which every senior should know.
- .NET 3.0/3.5 Technologies - I will try to provide some posts about the new things in 3.5 as well as some of the W* technologies from 3.0.
- Mobile Software/Hardware - here I will try to share some of my personal experience with the Apple's iPhone , Asus EEEPC and some thoughts about Symbian.
- Technology Specific Tricks - short posts about something, which I have researched and which I want to preserve and share with you all.

Hope you like my new blog theme and my future topics. I will try to be regular in blogging because it really is very important for me as a person and for the community as whole.

Expect my next post in a short time!

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agent007 каза...

Right dude, we believe in you!

Vesko Kolev каза...

Thanks man! Your blog is a very interesting place for me reading about the Java technologies.
Good luck!

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