Introduction to Programming with C# - new book at the horizon!

сряда, 25 ноември 2009 г.

A few days ago Svetlin Nakov announced that we are starting a new open-source project - writing an introductory book about programming in C# language. It will be based on the book, which we have written almost a year ago - "Introduction to Programming with Java".

The book will be based on Visual Studio 2010 and C# 3.0, but won't cover topics such as lambda expressions and extension methods. The main purpose of the book is to teach the readers to think logically. This includes basic knowledge of Algorithms, Complexity, Linear Data Structures, Graphs and Trees, Sets, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, etc.

The book’s official Web site will be located at:

The developer’s Web site is located in Google Code:

The SVN repository containing all project assets is located at:

The developer’s mailing list (discussion group) is located at:

If you want to take part in the project as author or editor, you are welcome to contact either me or Svetlin.

I will lead this project, so wish me good luck!

We are planning to translate the books (both Java and C# editions) in English. If there are eager people joining our next ambitious project, just rise a hand!

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