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вторник, 5 февруари 2008 г.

Hi guys!
I know that there is a time in which you want to read something, which you do not completely understand because of the language in which it is written. As you may do not know I am a great fan of machine translation topic. This automatically leads to the fact that you can now read my blog in a language which you better understand or even in YOUR language. This cool functionality is produced because of who? Google of course :-). (Look under my profile information.)

So lets start blogging more frequently in YOUR language!


P.S. If you know me better you will already know that I will share how you can do this to your own blog/site. Just read the information from here

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Martin Kulov каза...

Great one!
IF only they had it in Bulgarian also... :)

Vesko Kolev каза...

Yes, Martin, you are totally right. The future of machine translation is in the statistical method. You probably know about the idea behind it - there is no need your program to know the grammar or any details about the two given languages (from and to language). The only thing that this type of translation needs is to have parallel text which are written in the FROM and the TO language. Now Bulgaria is now in EU and as you can expect there will be a lot of documents available in all of the languages of the members - including Bulgaria. If some good person provides this documents for (example to you and me:-)) this drop down will have Bulgarian without any problem.

Thanks for your comment.

demosten каза...

This is good!
It could be used to translate sites and home pages too. In fact I'll probably add it to my site soon!

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