Something that amazed me - Stereograms

вторник, 18 март 2008 г.

Yes.. it really is true. Stereograms are something that made me feel really strange. First I will give you one of them. Your task is very simple - just stare at it.

Yes.. I know this is jsut a bunch of paper clips. I'll try to give you a hint how to see it. Go near your screen. Stare at it but do not harden your eyes. Just stare. Then move your face out of the screen slowly. After two or three (thousands) of times you will see it. And do not ask me when you will understand that you will see what is there. If you see it you will be sure.

I want to present you a short definiton from Wikipedia: A stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images. Originally, stereogram referred to a pair of stereo images which could be viewed using stereoscope. Other types of stereograms include anaglyphs and autostereograms.

Here you can find a lot of other stereograms. It is very funny - really!

In some of my next posts I will try to cover the topic of creation of stereograms. You know me - I am a deep diver!

Thanks and do not take a long time staring!

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